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Tentek MicoinvertersTiger Series Microinverters 600w-2kw

TENTEK Tiger series microinverters are on/off-grid inverters when working with our Tribune-EMS series controller, it  magically creates a residential solar storage system that supports battery mode operation without main power. In addition, the independent MPPT input ensures the MAX output of each solar panel. Since the 25-year lifespan of microinverter is designed to be the same as the solar panel, customers do not need to be worried about the hassle of replacing the inverter after a few years.

●    Can work in off-grid, with ups and storage function

●    Automatic power distribution( automatically distribute the power to loads, charge batteries,

      and the grid )

●    Solar panels output voltage <60VDC, decrease the risk of the electric fire.

●    One-panel match one MPPT, increase 5-15% electricity production verse string inverters.

●    Keep each panel working individually, avoid the impact of partial shadows .

●    Independently tracking each solar panel’s production, easy to identify each 

      solar panel’s performance.

●    Flexible application function, could be switched to off-grid mode to supply AC power 

      to home devices.

●    Lightweight and compact with plug-and-play connectors, easy to install.

●    Flexibly monitor your solar harvest via the APP

 Tentek  Micoinverters
TENTEK Universal EMS Controller

TENTEK Universal EMS Controller Tribune Universal 1.6-2.0KW EMS Controller

The TENTEK Tribune Series Universal Controller can simulate the solar panel's output voltage-current curve, manually/automatically control the 99%+  microinverter's output power to the main grid based on real-time consumption, and help customers to store excess solar energy in the battery, then realize  80-90% solar energy self consumption

●   Match 99% brand microinverter

●   Zero feed in to the grid

●   No battery type limitation  

●   Charge and discharge simultaneously

●   0-1600W inverter output power adjustable

TENTEK Stackable batteries 2.5-5.12kwh Floor-Standing & Wall Mounted LiFePO4 Batter

TENTEK TON-512100-L Battary, A sleek and space-saving solution for your energy storage needs. With its compact design and  easy installation, whatever wall-mounted or floor standing, multi-install ways can meet different  customers requirement. Even more the IP65 protection design, it seamlessly blends into any  environment, whether in your home, office, or outdoor space, our unit provides reliable and  efficient energy storage, empowering you to optimize energy usage and reduce waste.

●   IP65 Protection: High standard design, for both indoor and outdoor installation.

●   The Flexible Installation: Floor-standing and wall-mountable options

●   Plug & Play Easy Extend:  Simply put in the plugs and quickly paralleled up to 8 units.

●   Wide Range of Applications: Compatible with 20+ storage inverters.

●   The Shunt Trip Function: System will not shut down even if any abnormalities in parallel.

●   Boasts a Long Life: Car grade LFP cells have longer lifespan and higher safety.

●   The Modular Design: The BMS system runs independently when connected in parallel. 

TENTEK Stackable batteries
Through Tentek T-shine Cloud microinverter monitoring
system, the data of each PV panel and microinverter can
be easily and quickly integrated into our monitoring
platform, so as to realize remote real-time monitoring
and management, and analyze and view the operating
status of microinverter power stations
anytime and anywhere.

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  • TENTEK is proud to be the part of INTER SOLAR Europe 2023

    TENTEK is proud to be the part of INTER SOLAR Europe 2023


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